Bärnt & Ärnst
8/4 2015
Nominated at The Webby Awards with Democreativity!

7/4 2015
World Wide Vac nominated for a gold sabre at the SABRE 2015! Read more here. Clean your inbox at worldwidevac.com.

29/4 2014
Brief is now open to game developers democreativity.com

19/6 2013
1 Silver and 1 Bronze Lion with 'Civil Rights CAPTCHA' at Cannes Lions 2013. captcha.civilrightsdefenders.org

25/4 2013
1 guldägg and 2 silverägg at Guldägget 2013, Swedens top prize for creative work. Proud to be the producer of the 'Civil Rights CAPTCHA' by Prime PR for Civil Rights Defenders. bit.ly/180drE1

20/4 2013
'Civil Rights CAPTCHA' nominated at New York Festival, Clio Awards, and Sabre Awards.
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23/4 2013
Nominated for three Guldägg 2013! We are happy to be nominated in 3 categories of Swedens top prize for creative work. guldagget.se/2013

28/2 2013
'I Think I Might' has had more than 30,000 unique visitors and hundreds of suggested photographers in its first month! ithinkimight.com
Bärnt & Ärnst

Established in the summer of 2009, Bärnt & Ärnst is a small digital production company run by Pär Thunberg. With more then 10 years experience and excellent offshore partners, we offer high quality production at a competitive price.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but are happy to work with clients from all over the world.

We offer 'full service' digital production including advanced web programming, graphic design, and photography.
Some clients

Visit Sweden, Civil Rights Defenders, Electrolux, Tetra Pak, Kellogs, Stockholm Stad, Folkoperan, Prime PR, Försäkringskassan, Marabou, MSB, Guldrutan, Företagarna, We Effect.

Some awards

1 Guldägg, 2 Silverägg, 1 silver Cannes Lion, 1 bronze Cannes Lion, 1 guld Spinn, 1 silver Spinn, 1 Silver Trophy NY Festivals, 2 Gold Eurobest

Latest work

Code at github.com/barntarnst
(2013 new year resolution to start packaging and displaying! More coming soon..)
Client: Visit Sweden. Design by Prime PR

Democreativity is an open invitation to explore the potential of creativity. By highlighting diversity and underrepresented ideas, this project aims to inspire creators all over the world. This site is operated by Visit Sweden, the Swedish Institute and Business Sweden.

visit democreativity.com/
Client: Folkoperan. Collaboration with Prime PR.

On Unsharedtweets.com anyone can post tweets that normally never get shared – stories we all have, but are reluctant to talk about.

visit unsharedtweets.com/
I Think I Might
Client: Ourselves

Celebrating great photography from around the world using Instagrams API. Launched February 2013, the project is still finding its form, but had more than 30,000 unique visitors in its first month.

visit ithinkimight.com
Civil Rights CAPTCHA
Client: Civil Rights Defenders.

As a multiple award winning campaign, this celebrated and talked about CAPTCHA system takes a stand against human rights abuses.

visit & use captcha.civilrightsdefenders.org



Bärnt & Ärnst
Edsviksvg 20b, 182 33 Danderyd, Sweden.